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Hello all Final Fantasy lovers!

Welcome to the new Final Fantasy Fanfiction community! I´d like this place to be easy and clean to search for everyone´s favourite pairing / game / rating stories.

I know there are communities for FF fictions scattered all over livejournal, but I hope that we can all gather here and make everything more accessible.

So, this is site where authors share their fiction stories connected to the world of japanese Final Fantasy games (1-13 so far ^^).

The posting will be moderated for now as I would like to be sure that all mature contents will be MEMBER LOCKED and will be provided with RIGHT TAGGING.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM ivonnemcgruder!

If you are already prepared to post some story, please check POSTING RULES AND RATING DIRECTORY.


quitethecouple (FFX2 - Rikku/Gippal fansite)