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stay (rikku/gippal) (3/?)

Title: Stay (3/?)
Pairing: Rikku/Gippal
Rating: MA (definitely not for every chapter though)
Summary: Sin is dead, Vegnegun is destroyed and Shuyin rest in peace. There was always something between the two Al Bheds. First it was childhood friendship. Then it was teenage attraction – first love?, during the hardest times it was a lust and need for comfort. What does it turn to be now when Spira finally relax in a time of eternal Calm?
Warning: No beta-readed :(

Stay 1
Stay 2

Rikku dawdle slowly through the corridors of the ship still not believing what just happened.

„RIKKU, REPORT ON THE BRIDGE!“ She was hitched from her thoughts by a VERY angry voice of her father.

„Oh, poopie!“ she groaned, knowing that what´s waiting on the bridge is nothing pleasurable.

Brother and Buddy were sitting in the their cockpits. Brother surely listening carefully to what is happening on the bridge. Buddy, on the contrary, probably wishing to be deaf and possibly somewhere totally elsewhere.

Rikku wished her father scolded her. She wished he was screaming or...she´d even prefer him to smack her cheek. Anything better than a heavy silence and the look of disappointment beyond repair.

Why is everything making her feel like a bitch?! From the first second she opened her eyes that morning. Gippal with his „brothel“ comment, the situation he threw her into by all of sudden asking her to marry him – for Shiva´s sake, they weren't even officially dating, how was she supposed to react?! The kicked-puppy look he pulled off after, tsk! And now, the disappointment radiating from her father.

„Look Pop, it´s nothing serious... we just-“
„NOTHING SERIOUS?!“ Cid suddenly yelled at her with such a power that for the first time in her life she feared him.
„MY 17 YEARS OLD DAUGHTER IS BEHAVING LIKE...“ he gulped the bad word. And she was grateful he did. She sat there as a little child being scolded for doodling on the wall of the living room.
„Rikku, I wanna know the truth. When did...this....thing between you and him started?“
She felt so ashamed now. She knew where is Cid´s hurt coming from. Gippal was like his adopted son.
„Before....before the pilgrimage. Popie, I was leaving to defeat Sin, he wanted to enroll for Crimson Squad. I wanted....“ Her voice was slowly fading until she fell silent again. She didn't want to tell everything to him. It was her father after all.
„We just kissed. We wanted to feel, if it was to be our last chance.“ She voiced out just enough that was comfortable for her to share.

Strangely, when she remembered the night they kissed first before leaving to fight for Spira, her guts painfully stung. As if her heart was set in fire, she suddenly remembered all the emotions and feelings they shared in past 4 years with Gippal.

Gippal. Her childhood friend. The friend who held her when she cried over her mother´s death. First boy that held her hand, First boy who kissed her. First boy who held her in his arms through the night when she was scared of the following morning. How could she forget all of this and leave him standing there after he asked her to...

Two different emotions nestled in her heart at that time. First, strange fear that that morning she messed up and was to lose someone hella important. And second, fierce need to protect him and her, them.

She remembered the first evening they kissed. Gippal being 16 and Rikku 15 years old. She remembered the second time they got intimate, it was during the Pilgrimage when the group met Al-Bheds on their way. Sin was killing people on daily basis and noone knew if the´ll live through the night. She spent night in his cabin, they kissed for hours, touched through their cloths and then slept hugging tightly on each other. She had to leave him again the next morning.

The next time they met was after Sin was defeated. They both were so sentimental. Spira was to live in eternal calm. The beast that killed their parents and loved ones was dead. That night they first slept together. Rikku, though, the next morning set of on her next mission. Get Yuna back to life and start Gullwings project. She felt that something wasn't right with what they´d done that night. Thus, she left without waking him up. Once again.

Last time they met was in Djose temple during her digging mission with Pain and Yuna. He teased and almost spilled all the beans to the other two girls. That made her upset. Yuna didn't stop asking about it that evening. But Rikku managed to lul her with saying they used to be best friends as kids and people mistook them for couple when they grew up a bit. All she had in mind was to go and scold him for how daring he was. Did he ever tell anyone? That´s why after Yuna and Pain fell asleep she went to search for him. She also remembered that he told her something big is coming. That he has no time to argue with her here about what happened or will happened or is happening. He looked scared once again, which made her scared too. They spent another night together. But yeah, she left him in a bed alone. She didn't want neither Yuna nor Pain to know.

Than they met in the Farplane. Fighting side by side. They parted to party with their people and then met just the night before. Now, why does she have to explain to someone? Even though it was her father, she doesn't have to explain. What she and Gippal shared was pure. It didn't mean sexual satisfaction to them. It wasn't lust or physical need. For them, it was shelter. His bed, his arms, his heat... it was the most calming and comforting shelter. Shelter where she can stop time, take her time to live before losing her life to an final evil.

Cid wasn't saying anything. It was obvious that her last sentence made an impression on him.
“Pop. He was there when mom died, his parents died with her, remember? He was there when I was going to give my life to protect Spira, twice. Twice putting his own life at stake on other battle front, but in the same war. He was always the only one who could understand my feelings. We are so young and we were so scared. Together we felt...safe. At least enough to find a strength to go on a little longer.” her voice darkened a little.
“I am not going to let you make him, or what we have, look filthy.”

Buddy and Brother turned around at the change in her voice. Brother´s jaw dropped, Buddy´s eyebrow raised in disbelief.

Cid´s eyes were on her. His glare didn't soften a bit, but she could see he was already weakened by her strong will. He understood...

“Ok. Brother?” he turned to his son and ordered: “Get us back to Djose, we've got marriage to settle.”

“But Father!?” Brother and Rikku protested unisono. Rikku´s heartbeat accelerated. Why she is so reluctant to mention what happened before they took of? Why is she so afraid to go back now? Soon, yes, but not NOW!!

“It´s like... so many people know about you two now. I am not letting you two playing your life´s as a game no more. Spira is safe and you two are going to behave as is right and proper!”

Rikku panicked.

“Fine! FINE! Dad, ok? I will go and settle things with him myself. I promise to either marry him or stop seeing him, ok? Just, leave it to ME. Please.” Brother was trembling with anger behind his wheel. Cid on the other hand seemed to be in his best compassion days.

“Now?” he asked to be sure.

Rikku felt a cold sweat forming at her back.

“Soon. I … need to go see Yunie first. Please, let me talk to her first.”

Cid took his time, weighting if he should trust his daughter again.

“Buddy, Besaid course.” Cid closed the conversation with this and left the bridge. Rikku took a deep breath and quickly caught the drop of a sweat on her forehead in the fabric of her sleeve.


A/N: Little let´s-move-it chapter. I just wanted to explain what it exactly was happening between those two now :) Short but needed :P
Comments are love! Next chapter´ll be about partly disappointed and wholy excited Yuna and you can look forward for Tidus too :) Btw. I kind of plan Tiuds-the-goof having things between our quite-the-couple settled hihi
Tags: * het, - ff x-2, gippal/rikku, ~ rating/ma
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